Friday, December 5, 2008

An Ugly Sweater Party

So tonight the college group had an Ugly Sweater Party. It was beyond control. The sweaters that showed up were plain ridiculous. I am proud to say I participated and found a sweater at goodwill that will probably now be burned because it should never ever be worn in public again. Anyways, after snowboarding on the Wii and playing some very exciting games of WAH and Look Down Look Up, we went out side and had a snowball fight!! Mitch had found this place where they sell snowballs!! So we had 4 coolers full of snowballs and just went nuts in the courtyard. It was a blast!! But i will say I do not miss the snow. I've had my fill for the year now. Anyways, it was a super fun night and I just love my friends :)

Here are some pictures:

Ashley, Me, Amy and Kim!

All the girls in our hideous sweaters!

Me kicking Joe's butt at snowboarding on the Wii!!!


Joey and I in our matching red sweaters :)