Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Day in Phoenix.

My worst fear of the past 4 years came true today.

The Suns acquired dynamic shooting guard Jason Richardson today in a trade with the Charlotte Bobcats that will also bring second-year forward Jared Dudley and a 2010 second-round draft choice to the Suns in exchange for shooting guard Raja Bell, forward Boris Diaw and rookie point guard Sean Singletary.

For those of you that know me closely, you know that I am a HUGE Phoenix Suns fan. You also know that I am completely in LOVE with Raja Bell. Since my very first Sun's game in Jonathan's living room, I have been obsessed with him. Absolutely crazy about him.

Today, my friend Dustin sent me a text message saying that Ra Ra had been traded. I did not believe it and thought it was a cruel joke like the many other times people have told me this. I went to and read the news for myself.

This sounds totally crazy but I am actually physically sad. I feel like someone just died. This season my obsession with the Suns has simmered a little bit but now I just don't think I can watch a game. I was sad when the Marion/Shaq trade occured but this one is more personal than that even. My friends know I always called Raja my "husband" because I swear I am going to marry that man one day, but now the chances are slimming with him moving across the country.

I'm just sad. Goodbye Raja. :(