Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have really bad luck with parking and driving. Pretty much anything involving a car, I'm screwed. I've become a much better driver lately but thats after paying over $500 in speeding tickets. I have also paid probably near $200 in parking tickets as well.

Anyways, I'm trying to register for one more class at MCC the other day and it says I can't because I have a hold on my account. So I call financial aid today to try and figure out what the heck is going on and they say my check came in and I have no outstanding fees. The very nice girl transfered me to cashier services to see if they can figure it out and that lady tells me I have a $110 unpaid parking ticket. WHAT?!?!? So I get transferred to Public Safety because I had no knowledge of any of this until she told me. And first of all the Public Safety girl was SO RUDE. That bothers me because I hadn't even done anything to her..yet. So she tells me that I got a ticket for parking in a teachers parking spot. Which first of all is crap cause why would I do that? Like really? I know better than to do that. And so I ask her how I got the ticket- like in the mail or online or what and she said they put the tickets on the windshield. Ok- lets think about this. If you just put a ticket on someone's windshield how the heck do you make sure they got it? It could blow away or someone could take it off. It's a dumb idea. So I ask the girl if they send it any other way and she says that "after a long time" they mail it. "After a long time"?????? ok well now I'm racking up late fees on a ticket I didn't even know I had. I kinda feel bad cause i probably sounded like a total brat but I was so ticked. What a ridiculous system. I told her I wasn't paying it and asked to speak to a supervisor and she gave me the number to the Appeals supervisor but he wouldn't be back in til tuesday- and thats when classes start so how am I supposed to register for another class when he's gone until the day that classes start.

I hate MCC right now. I needed to vent cause this is absolutely RIDICULOUS.