Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

This week I've done alot of listening. Trust me, I've done my share of talking but I've really just tried to listen to other people, whether its for advice or just something that they have to say. It's actually really been beneficial. Its crazy how sometimes God will just put people in your life during a specific time and will just give someone the words you need to hear.

I've had some really good conversations with people I don't even normally interact with. It's kinda fun just getting to know someone or just having a total random conversation with them.
I feel like almost every conversation I've had this week has been relating to where i'm at in life right now. I've had so many signs jump out at me, proving to me that I'm going to be ok.

Some examples:
  • For my bible study we are reading the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I have not been a huge fan of the book thus far, but the chapter we were on for tonight hit me directly in the face. The chapter talked about how God wants to be intimate with us. How we try and fill that intimacy void with guys because they are tangible. But God wants to be that for us. He wants to fill us with those feelings of excitement and awe. We don't need to have a man in our life to feel beautiful and loved because God thinks about us like that every single day.
-WOW. That is pretty much exactly what I'm going through. It was just really comforting to know that now that I am single again, that doesn't mean I dont have someone that thinks I am worth it.
  • I man that I work with and I had another conversation about guys. He told me there is only 3 things every girl needs to know about men. 1.MEN 2.ARE 3. PIGS.
  • In another conversation I was having with a guy I work with I asked him why guys were jerks and he said "because its easy." It was that simple. He said that its just so much easier for guys to be jerks and hurt girls because it stops them from confronting their own emotions. He said guys are just pansies and can't express their real feelings.
-Ok, here's my question: If guys know these things (that they are idiotic pigs) why don't they change? Why dont they give a little effort to being different. They all say they don't want to be like every other guy but in the end they are. Why don't they care enough to try and change?

  • Someone else who I don't normally have meaningful conversations just went through a similar situation as I am in. We actually sat and had a good heart to heart about life and love and how the latter affects the first. I learned so much from this conversation and from the person. She really opened my eyes and made me realized that it's only life.
  • I have had many people just send me random notes or cards with really encouraging messages even if they don't know about anything I'm going through.
  • God has been jumping out at me through scripture all week as well. Every time I read something it can apply to something i'm going through right now. God is so cool when he does that.
  • I've had alot of prayer this week too. For some reason I've had alot of people praying for me which is so encouraging. I believe that prayer can move mountains. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. Even in my staff meeting today I was specifically prayed for and lifted up. It feels so good to have people that really care about me and whats going on in my life.

I've just had a really bittersweet week. I've been braking and hurting on the inside but everyday I just feel closer and closer to God and to the people around me.

I guess you can't have the rainbow without the rain.