Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music Video of the Week

This weeks video comes from one of my new favorite bands A Day To Remember. I first heard them in a friend's car and starting falling in love even more. Their latest record titled Homesick was released earlier this month and has been gaining popularity among its fan. Reviews of Homesick have said "ADTR havent lost there touch at all , the songs have strayed away from hate but in turn have gained heartfelt meaning." The band's music has been described as "mixing death metal grunts with the brash melodies of pop-punk," and a cross between "bouncy pop punk and chugging metalcore." The whole record is amazing but my favorite song by far is If It Means A Lot To You which is this week's Music Video of the Week.

(It's actually more like song of the week because there isn't a video for it yet, but you get the picture:])