Tuesday, December 8, 2009


At Central we have something called a Connection Card that everyone fills out when they attend one of our 9 services on the weekend. This connection card just lets us know you were here and also has a "next steps" section. In the "next steps" section you can select what your, yup you guess it, next steps would be. Whether thats attending Central's membership class, want to be baptized, or want to serve somewhere. Whenever someone writes anything on their card about Global Outreach the card comes straight to me to handle it in the appropriate way. Today I received one from this past weekend that had alot of writing on it. This person was totally interested in everything possible. On the very bottom of the card there is a section that says: Share about your experience at Central. This is what this person wrote:

"your Church explodes with the love of Christ."

I love it. Isn't that exactly what the goal of a Church is? To EXPLODE with God's love? Isn't that exactly what the goal of us that call ourselves Christians is? One day I hope that someone can say that I explode with God's love.